AAA Participant Direction assists Mi Via participants, regardless of age or health condition, to define their life choices, advance towards their highest purpose and achieve their goals.


AAA Participant Direction provides Mi Via Consultant services to Mi Via participants that will help them identify and select Mi Via supports and services and other community resources so they can live a good life in their communities.


  • All people belong in their communities
  • All people have gifts to contribute
  • All people have aspirations to pursue
  • All people have the right to good health and safe living
  • All people are self-determined

AAA Participant Direction

Mi Via self-directed services are a tool to assist people to share their gifts, belong to their communities, achieve their aspirations and direct the support and services they need. AAA Participant Direction will:

  • Explain Mi Via to you and how it can help you
  • Give you the information you need when you need it about your Mi Via responsibilities
  • Assist you whenever you need help with eligibility, your service and support plan, your employees and vendors, your budget, paperwork
  • Help you find community resources and opportunities
  • Be creative and resourceful
  • Resolve Mi Via process issues you may have
  • Help you advocate for your choices

AAA Participant Direction, a Mi Via Consultant Services Agency, serves all counties in New Mexico.