AAA Participant Direction assists Mi Via participants, regardless of age or health condition, to define their life choices, advance towards their highest purpose and achieve their goals.


AAA Participant Direction provides Mi Via Consultant services to Mi Via participants that will help them identify and select Mi Via supports and services and other community resources so they can live a good life in their communities.


  • All people belong in their communities
  • All people have gifts to contribute
  • All people have aspirations to pursue
  • All people have the right to good health and safe living
  • All people are self-determined

Our Mi Via Consultants

AAA Participant Direction Consultants educate, guide and assist Mi Via participants to craft a Service and Support Plan and a Budget for the services, supports and goods that will help them live in their communities, contribute their gifts, pursue their goals and be healthy and safe.

Each AAA Participant Direction consultant:

  • Has chosen to affiliate with AAAPD
  • Has a deep commitment to self-determination
  • Believes everyone can self-direct
  • Will do “whatever it takes” for participants to succeed
  • Are advocates at heart
  • Are experts in helping you navigate the Mi Via process

Selecting Your AAAPD Consultant

When you enroll in AAA Participant Direction, you can choose your consultant. If you don’t know which AAAPD consultant to choose, we can help you. Once you have selected your AAAPD consultant, AAA Participant Direction will not change your consultant unless you request a change or the consultant ends their relationship with AAAPD. To help you get to know the AAAPD consultants, here is information about each of them:

Pam Crumpler

Before joining AAA Participant Direction, Pam was a Mi Via consultant with a different agency. She loves being a consultant and prides herself on being thorough and timely in fulfilling the requirements and getting what each participant needs. Pam lives in Albuquerque and is willing to support participants throughout the state.

(505) 480-1294

Marilyn Holtsoi

Marilyn used to be Brian Injury Guide (BIG) for Mi Via participants. She enjoyed this work and decided to become a Mi Via Consultant with AAA Participant Direction. She speaks Navajo and lives in Crownpoint. She travels throughout the Northwest region.

(505) 330-0959

Marcia Kenny-Kadle

Marci has been a special education teacher for many years, always advocating for what is best for her students. She joined AAA Participant Direction to honor the self-determination of people who are elderly or disabled and help people really live. She leaves no stone unturned in helping participants get what they need and want. She lives in Taos and travels within the Northeast region.

(575) 737-9341

Paul Kline

Paul was one of the first consultants in the Mi Via program. He left consulting for awhile and has returned to be a consultant with AAA Participant Direction. He believes in self-determination and respects the self-direction of each participant. He is motivated by listening to peoples’ stories and discovering what they want. Paul focuses his work in the Metro region and the Northeast and Northwest.

(505) 507-1948

Dave Murley

Dave learned about self-direction working in Michigan. He became committed to supporting people to live they way they want, using the tools and practices of self-direction. Dave started AAA Participant Direction. Though he is the CEO/President, his joy is working with participants. He lives in Albuquerque and travels throughout the state to consult with participants.

(505) 450-5974

Rebecca Shuman

Rebecca’s 30 year career as an advocate, a systems change agent, a community builder and a program developer has always been focused on self-determination, person-centered planning and community connecting. She joined AAA Participant Direction and loves sharing life with the people she works with as their consultant. She is the Operations Assistant for AAA Participant Direction. She lives and works in Albuquerque and travels around the state.

(505) 228-7237

Alicia Sisneros

Alicia worked as a BIG (Brain Injury Guide) prior to becoming a Mi Via Consultant. Alicia is a disability rights advocate and enthusiastically helps people get the services and supports they need. She is particularly interested in assistive technology. She lives and works in Albuquerque and also travels to the Southwest region.

Phone: (505) 916-1499