AAA Participant Direction assists Mi Via participants, regardless of age or health condition, to define their life choices, advance towards their highest purpose and achieve their goals.


AAA Participant Direction provides Mi Via Consultant services to Mi Via participants that will help them identify and select Mi Via supports and services and other community resources so they can live a good life in their communities.


  • All people belong in their communities
  • All people have gifts to contribute
  • All people have aspirations to pursue
  • All people have the right to good health and safe living
  • All people are self-determined

About Us

AAA Participant Direction started when Dave Murley decided his highest purpose is to help people with disabilities embrace what it is that is most meaningful to them. He wanted to be part of creating opportunities for people to belong in their community and live according to the philosophy of self-determination. Dave has a Master’s degree in Special Education and worked with students with disabilities at a community college in Michigan. What really inspired him to the endeavor to create self-determination opportunities was his experience in Midland, Michigan working with people with developmental disabilities to self-direct their services. He became a facilitator of person centered planning and watched over and over again as this process encouraged people with disabilities, their family members and allies, to become masters of their destiny.

Dave recognized Mi Via as the break people with disabilities in New Mexico needed to free themselves from the constraint of the provider-controlled service system. He enthusiastically jumped on board and started AAA Participant Direction.

Dave invited Paul Kline to join him in becoming a Mi Via consultant with AAA Participant Direction. Paul had worked as a Mi Via consultant before and eagerly agreed to join AAA Participant Direction. Rebecca Shuman, working with them in designing the agency, eventually decided she, too, would join AAA Participant Direction as a consultant. She, too, had the advantage of being part of the experience in Midland, Michigan, that resulted in the transformation of how people with developmental disabilities lived in the community and self-directed the services and supports they needed. They invited Shirley Scherer, who like Paul had worked as a Mi Via consultant before, to join them and AAA Participant Direction was born. It opened its door in April 2011.

Dave, Paul, Rebecca and Shirley envisioned an organization that would support Mi Via consultants to do the work they love and believe in. AAA Participant Direction’s structure is meant to give Mi Via consultants the freedom to engage in their work independently, using the practices and tools that each rely upon to do their work. AAAPD engages its consultants in on-going conversation and dialogue to continually learn about the art of self-direction, person-centered planning and community inclusion. AAAPD consultants share their knowledge and skills and support each other.

AAA Participant Direction has attracted other like-minded professionals and additional consultants have become affiliated with AAAPD. Click here to learn more about AAA Participant Direction Mi Via Consultants.